Blind Optimism

I hate too much optimism, it disgusts me. There I said it.

How much is too much? Well, they say it right that too much of anything is bad, even optimism. Blind optimism, if that’s a thing, is what I’m talking about. Being unrealistically optimistic – that’s what I mean.

Why do I hate it? Because it clouds your judgment. It makes you look at life through rose-colored glasses. It makes us happy, momentarily, and odds are that we overlook some important details what what needs to be achieved. It’s kinda counterproductive in a sense that it gives you a laid back, cheerful outlook.

You know when people say, “Everything will get better”, I want to virtually slap them because that’s a false statement. Some things may get better, some things might not. Okay now that sounds infinitely rational and better. People tell us to have a positive outlook, how about realistic and balanced?

Why or how can I be positive when I am dying from inside?

I could go on and on about this considering how enthusiastic I am about depressive realism, but let’s save that for when I have nothing to write about. Do let me know what you guys think.




Shift of Perspective

Oh hi there, look who’s here (that rhymed!)

Here I am this is me, there’s no where else on Earth I’d rather be (points for correctly guessing the reference)

Umm well actually not really, I would definitely rather be somewhere else, but I’m satisfied with my current state as well. So yeah, updates are such that I moved rooms, pretty much settled by now, but the shift of room aka perspective was much needed, long over due and just what I needed. Don’t ask me why or how it happened – that’s a long boring story. But cheers for me that I got it across this time, with success, of course. *cheers*

The room is a bit away from the living room, so its with less noise, interruptions and whatnot. I absolutely love the silence. I hope it brings with it the clarity I could definitely use. I’m been engrossed with the room decor, kinda sorta halfway thru it. It’s a nice break from thesis writing and I don’t mind that sort of a distraction. Plus playing with colors has always been my thing.

Feels good to blog after a while. As always, I’m making a mental note of writing often. Writing is therapeutic, like cooking. Both are creative too. Speaking of which I made this apple sauce thingy as a food experiment that I am so fond of doing. It turned out nice. Juicy and lemony (I added lemon juice).

So I get off, only to write another post. Stay tuned!

P.S. I don’t own the image.