Queen Cinderella

Well, hello there! Look who’s back – the Queen herself! *please bear with my grandiosity or there’s the exit door*

You know winter is in the air when you are happy without a reason. Though one should be happy without a reason, that way happiness is not dependent on any thing, event or person (worst case). Right, so that is lesson # 1. Never depend on something or someone. Believe me when I say depending on a person for your happiness is the worst thing cuz people are not here to stay. They leave, abandon, die, move on, become estranged. I could go on and on about dependency and attachments. And as much as I hate being attached to people, it happens faster than lightning. Maybe we can save another post for that.

Queen Cinderella MMVII

Anyhow I think I am having an existential crisis. Finally my quarter-life crisis (please look it up) is over but I guess crises have developed an attachment (oops) with me. Speaking of the newest crisis, I can’t seem to decide whether I am the Queen or Cinderella. Polar opposites I get it, who knows it might be a new type of bipolar disorder. *this is what being a psych major does to you* Where was I? Yes, so I am torn between these two. People ask me if I enjoy the youngest child I privileges of being pampered, and I say to myself its more like Cinderella. Forever unappreciated.

Without further elaborating (read:whining) on that, I shall end this post. Cuz I have kinda sorta promised myself to catch myself short of any negative thoughts! So, true to my promise, keep away the whining. Good day!