Beyond Pink and Blue

We’ve all noticed a pretty common phenomenon of shoving kids into rigid gender stereotypes. Things like girls play with dolls and boys play with cars are examples of outdated gender roles where global gender role definitions are changing. In this ever changing world, we desperately need to shed our age-old beliefs about typical roles and the like, which have brought more bad than good to children’s naive minds. In order to get out of the pink-or-blue box, parents (or anyone dealing with kids) needs to view both genders as equally capable humans. Confining of gender preferences leads to limiting the child’s natural abilities.BKwomen-149577_640 “Girls cannot do math, boys shouldn’t cry” are just pathetic statements coming out of an ignorant mind. We were told, and we believed it, without questioning. a-woman-needs-a-man-like-a-fish-needs-a-bicycle-21A girl with an analytical mind may never get to polish it because she was denied to play with mechanical toys. A boy with a nurturance need may never develop it further because playing with dolls is too “girly”. Speaking of which, our own perceptions of gender roles essentially come from howgender-roles we were raised, but let’s not complain over how we were parented. Let’s break the cycle, let’s look ahead and play our part in breaking the obnoxious, self-limiting, damaging gender labeling. Let’s raise children with wisdom instead of stereotypes.