When Life Gives You Lemons Demand to See Life’s Manager

“No! I didn’t ask for these! I do not want them! Take ’em back, take back your darn lemons!”

Life has its own way of doing things.You ask Allah for ease, He hands you difficulties, you ask Him for clarity, He doubles your confusion. “What is this?”, you ask, exasperated. “This is not what I asked for.” But then a voice from within admonishes you, “Hush, don’t complain!” And life goes on.

You wonder if you really should make lemonade from the lemons life throws at you, but then you remember that you need sugar and water for that. Ah, life is full of disappointments!

Somewhere between waking and dreaming, you figure out that these sour, bitter lemons are actually good for healing your soul… Oh really, who could’ve thought. Maybe the trials, tests, struggles, confusions, inner battles we face everyday are there to polish us. What if these rocky paths are to make you stronger and preparing you for something great… But what if these wobbly paths are preparing you for the hanging bridge? Because in the end; life has a mind of its own.

Good luck handling life, and if life does throw lemons at you, grin and throw ’em back at life!