Woes of an Eastern Daughter

Sahi he tou rote hain log jab beti peda hoti hai. It really is a curse to be a girl, in an Eastern society. Let alone society, the role of family comes first. Especially mother’s undue preference towards sons. As if this discrimination is not unfair enough, married daughters are glorified, as if they have bathed in gold water. Lovingly referred to as “mehman” little do they remember that all daughters are mehman; regardless, and should be treated with love and care.
To be a daughter is to be helpless. You have to watch over your words and actions so as not to hurt your parents. There might be times when you have to suppress the urge to complain just to avoid causing them problems. Because brothers are always around to demand good treatment as if it is their birth right and their wives take full advantage of it knowing that their complaints will be given preference. Parents, in their innocence try to avoid upsetting their beloved “bahus” so as not to anger their princes AKA sons. Of course, daughters-in-law are far more dear to them than blood daughters. Despite knowing that one day she will leave the house they miss no opportunity to make her feel inferior. Maybe parents of daughters need to be reminded of a hadith “If one has got three daughters and looks after them well, shows them mercy and disciplines them, Paradise becomes wajib for him/her.”

As an escape from the domestic tension, she may want to seek a career or go abroad for further studies, but she cannot, because her every decision is in her parent’s hands and the certainly do not want to waste their money on something that does not belong to them.

If a daughter is doing nothing, she is taunted for being lazy and insensitive and how she will make a terrible bahu but if a son is doing nothing he is taking rest and the daughter should cook him dinner. In a society where women are joining the male dominant territory, what kind of primitive age are we living in where the gender bias is increasing rather than decreasing?

I think parents of today have forgotten that a son is a son until he gets a wife but daughter is a daughter all her life.