Go Where You Are Celebrated; Not Merely Tolerated

Call me an anarchist, but I think parents should live with their married daughters, instead of married sons. Reason being; a daughter is undoubtedly more sincere and sympathetic than any daughter-in-law. Also, coming from pure personal experience, I’ve seen sons-in-law turn out to be better sons than real ones. Maybe one generation should give it a go and see what positive effects it brings. Needless to say, for this change in social order to work, people would have to have a broader perspective. They would need to get beyond the current “norms”. As far as I have seen, living with a daughter is looked down upon. Hereby, this must be noted that I’m in no way advocating guys to be a “ghar-damad” another taboo in our close-minded society. I guess if every household starts practicing this then the notorious “log kya kahain gay” dilemma would be non-existent. Not a bad idea, is it? Throw in your comments.