A New Approach to Schooling

It’s not much common here as in the West, nonetheless home-schooling cannot be overlooked. As it is self-evident from the name, it’s schooling done at home, usually by parents or a tutor.  So why not regular schooling, you may wonder. Well, needless to mention, posh English medium schools of today are driving the kids away from moral values and manners. Teaching arrogance is what these schools are best at. I have seen sweet little kids from modest households turn into stubborn brats and bullies. Not to mention developing alienation for Urdu and even religion. 

So why does home-schooling sound a better option in today’s’ world? It gives you the unique  flexibility of teaching the child what is right, rather than what everyone else is doing.  Till 5 years of age are the formative years of a child’s life. The learning is extremely rapid and lasting. Therefore it is critical to put the child under great care. Think of it like the foundation of a building. Instilling a love of learning at this age would reap its benefits throughout life. Teaching the child to read can also be a lifelong gift. Also, the talent can be polished due to focused attention given to the child. Skills can be taught at his pace, aiding to intellectual growth. 

Possible downsides can be lack of confidence, less exposure and social interaction. Once the problems are identified, they can be dealt with by taking note of meeting these deficiencies.  Associating with other children of same age group might bridge this gap.


Sounds very daunting, I agree, but I think it can be thoroughly enjoyable for parents to connect with their children and bring them up the way they want to, without external influence. And of course, rewarding for the child’s long term development.   Do tell me what you think! 


The Happiness Paradox

Imagine a world where there is constant happiness. No pain, no sorrow, just happiness. All you can feel is happy. You’d soon get sick of being happy, counter-intuitive as it may sound. We humans are programmed to experience all emotions fairly equally. If we were to always remain happy, it would lose its meaning and worth. In order to fully enjoy happiness, we need to experience sadness. The emotional binaries of happy and sad make life worth living.

What is happiness to you?

For me, it is the absence of sadness.


What is it like to die and be born again? What does it feel like to be ripped off of your five senses? What is it like to unlearn everything you knew? For some peculiar reason death and the afterlife have always fascinated me. I yearn to know what freedom feels like. Because the reality of this word is not the true or complete reality, rather a veil has been drawn between human sensory experience and the truth.

Have you ever felt the same?